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CFT at Birth – Montana (Part 1)

I also got to do my first BBS at my clients birth this afternoon!! She was starting pre-labor at 2 1/2 weeks before her due date, and was already 90% effaced and about 2 cm dilated, but was also having sign of possible preeclampsia with abnormal BP, and protein in her UA. They induced her yesterday at 7pm and after 12 hrs on a slow gradual drip of pitocin, hadn’t really made any progress, so they decided to break her water to get things going. Her labor kicked right in with the next contraction, and was in full blown active labor! I was able to do some craniosacral through her intense contractions and miraculously, she went from 2cm-10cm, ready to push in just shy of 2 hrs!! She pushed her healthy baby boy out in 25 mins!! (first baby too!) I was right there to do his Brain Score (no cord wrap, and mild molding mainly on is occiput, and a little strain on his left parietal bone), while they stitched her up, with her permission, I quietly checked his brain score which was strong and beautiful at a 120! and his sacral score, a little constricted at 50, but his overall score was a 6 out of 8 which was pretty darn amazing for being in labor with pitocin for 17 hrs! I get to see him tomorrow, and I am planning to check his mouth and pallet as I was already seeing some issues with his mandible opening wide enough and getting his tongue to come out more. As I was feeling his cranial bones and the molding i was feeling them start to want to shift already and when I released a little of his left parietal he simultaneously started rooting more, and trying to open his mouth wider! It was that quick, and I barely did anything! It was SO apparent why newborn work is essential in how soft and pliable their little bodies are and they innately want to find balance as they start to adapt outside the womb. I can already tell this is going to be my work for this community!

*to share another powerful side note I experienced today at the hospital in the labor and delivery ward, it triggered something Barry mentioned in class where there are times when their are babies or children that really need our help with this work, but either their parents aren’t accepting or just that its not your place to offer treatment in that moment for what ever the circumstances are. There was a newborn baby in the room next to us, that on 2 separate occasions today, I heard this baby inconsolably SCREAMING for long periods of time, and I so badly wanted to go and knock on their door, and offer up my help by checking his craniosacral system, as I could intuitively feel that this poor babies system was struggling from the birth experience from that day, which I am almost positive was a c-section, as I saw them wheeling a mom and baby into the ward early that morning, and the ward wasn’t that full when we got there.

Man I cant wait until the day that we can get this accepted in our hospital, and have it be protocol that someone does rounds to check and treat these babies before they even leave the hospital!! I think I may have found my mission or my calling, we’ll see 😉 But for now, one baby at a time with my birth work, and with those that find me in my private practice. This local Baby Fair in Oct. here in Missoula is going be an incredible opportunity to get the word out there!

Thanks for letting me share! I have a couple of prenatal stories I will share soon 🙂

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