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CFT at Birth – Pennsylvania – NICU – Part 1

This is a post from Kelly Rice, the Early Intervention OT from Harrisburg, PA. She had trouble posting on FB tonight so she asked me to post for her. In a post a few weeks ago I recommended that the EI therapists be in this situation with newborns……….I (Kelly) had the privelage of seeing 26 week GA twins at Harrisburg Hospital’s NICU today. Amish parents that knew of CFT from a friend who worked with Mike Myers from Baby Day, and wanted to try with their girls. As is always the case with twins, one is worse than the other. So I started with the one that had more issues. Baby A has had a PDA repair and has a reservoir for cerebral spinal fluid drainage. She is on the fast track for a VP shunt…surgery is tentatively set for Monday. The NICU Dr. is a DO and said she was very aware of CFT and understood how it worked. Nurses were curious and hovering. Vital signs checked before starting and baby was examined. Baby usually takes 15cc’s per feeding 2x/day – other times she is too sleepy. Vital signs tend to vary and she is more touch and go. No detectable brain cycle when I began…but she loved CFT! Immediate unwinding at the pelvis with extreme tightness in her neck. Held dad’s finger the entire time and he talked to her…if I stopped, she cried. After about 30 minutes she was finished. Time for an oral feeding – she took 30 cc’s by mouth for mom! Some trouble recovering with her respirations after eating, but she did and fell asleep. Brain cycle when I finished was 20 seconds…

Baby B’s main issues are that she is very sleepy and can’t wake for feedings. She had O2 today for some reason, but much less worry about her. I forgot to do a BS on her, but she too had amazing unwindings. Both girls had tight necks on the right – and both would be tight, relax, tighten, relax. Very tight at her chest too – excellent full extension stretch. She only seemed to need about 20 minutes and BC when finished was 50 seconds.

Mom and dad were pleased – I am pretty sure they will wait for the surgery. The dr. made it sound like the neurosurgeon was there for another baby Monday, so he was just going to operate on baby A then. Dad saw thru that, and felt like the neurosurgeon would charge the same if he operated Monday or came back special…smart man! She is in no danger right now…but the Dr. made a point of saying that what I was doing would not help the fluid at all – based on her research…but that it is very good for babies…

We shall see. I am going to try very hard to be there when they are there this week (somehow)…and see what happens.

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