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CFT at Birth – Pennsylvania – NICU – Part 2

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all well. I wanted to give you an update on my preemie twins that I am seeing in the NICU. I have a bit more background so you can really appreciate their struggle. The girls were born at 26 weeks gestational age and weighed 1lb 15oz each – one was 12.5” and the other 13.5” long. For the most part, they have sailed through this early birth. Twin A has more issues – she had excess fluid on her brain that required a reservoir to be placed and she needed a heart repair. Twin B has done well overall. Both now weigh in the 4lb range. When I began CFT a week ago, Twin A had no brain cycle that I could detect (keep in mind their heads are the size of a tangerine). She has enjoyed CFT the most – and will cry when I stop. Aside from her brain cycle increasing from 0 to 220 last session (they have each had 4 sessions), she isn’t rallying quite like I would like her to. She is very sleepy and will occasionally have issues with apnea. I am not really sure what else to do with her, except to address the fascial tightness I feel…and that’s what I do. She has excellent unwinding and is strain free in about a 20 to 30 minute session. While I work with her, her numbers on the monitors look great. She has not had a breathing issue or respiratory rhythm issue since the first session. Any ideas besides the usual? – I have done releases in her pelvis and neck together, under armpits with head stabilized, and focused on her head and face. I feel very little strain on her head at the reservoir but did eliminate strain at her jaw TMJ. She has a definite twist throughout her trunk that I have been accessing. Twin A is my wonder. She started at taking 1-2 feedings by mouth per day and is now up to 6. She started in an isolette and on oxygen, and is now on room air in an open crib. Beautiful unwinding of her pelvis with neck and upper trunk (that felt like respiratory tightness) and right neck unwinding. Funny story – the nurses are not hovering as much…they let me see them without mom and dad…but one day when I was leaving, I asked how they wanted Twin B to be positioned. They said she didn’t like to keep her hands at midline (or couldn’t), and at that moment, she brought her hands together as if praying Way cute! And they were so proud of how fast she is ‘growing out of it’…Twin B’s brain cycle started at 50 a week ago, and now is too long to really count…I think in the 300’s. They are both a miracle from God. And I know it is God’s plan for Twin A – but want to be sure I am doing everything I can…any suggestions would be most helpful. VP shunt surgery is planned for Tuesday. By the way..if you are ever in a situation with a preemie in an isolette, and have no one to stabilize the head, usually you can find a ‘u’ shaped sandbag in the bed that the nurse uses for positioning. I wedge that around their head and do the upper extremity unwinding – works great…I wonder if twin A’s cerebrospinal fluid restriction is the problem and how to access that tightness?

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