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CFT at Birth – Pennsylvania – NICU – Part 3

Hi Everyone! An update on my Amish babies. They are HOME! The healthier twin came home before Thanksgiving and the one that received the shunt was home last weekend. I am encouraging Early Intervention, and even though it would be a long drive for me, I would love to see them thru. Thank you all for your support…they really did well with CFT, and of course the amazing story is to start with a BS of 50 and end at 400+ in just 4 sessions…as well as going from sleeping all of the time and on full NG tube feedings to out of the isolette and on room air with full feeds by mouth in 10 days! The other twin who received the shunt, had a very significant brain bleed that I didn’t know about…so I am excited to have given her body every opportunity to heal and grow….:) And her brain cycle started at 0 and ended 250+…and after one session, she took a full bottle with excellent coordination for the first time in weeks. If we cross paths again, I will let you know…

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