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CFT/IDM for a 3-Day-Old in North Dakota

Yesterday I had the privilege of working with baby D, who was 3-days-old. He was born vaginally at 37 weeks after a long medical induction. There was no cord wrap, use of forceps, or vacuum extraction.

Over the last 3 days he has been very sleepy but fitful and hard to wake up to breast-feed. He rarely fed for more than 2 minutes at a time, had difficulty feeding on mom’s left side. He also had a weak latch and a stridor cry. He seems to cry a lot, sometimes for two hours at a time, but does not have burping or gas issues.

Mom saw a lactation consultant in the hospital before discharge and had heard about me from other clients.

Baby D presented with a zero brain cycle. He had a great deal of fascial tension throughout his cranium which went down into his neck, shoulders, and clavicals. There was pelvic tension present, but his little body did not wish to work on that at the time of the session. Evaluation of the mouth did not reveal any sign of tongue or lip tie nor tension in the TMJs. Our session lasted about 30 minutes, and he fell asleep very quickly afterward.

The morning report from mom was that the crowing sound when he cried has disappeared, and his latch and suck have greatly improved. The whole family had a much better and more restful night!

I will be working more with Baby D, but for now mom and dad are very happy with his progress.

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