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The CFT Web on a Brain-Injured Toddler

FB gives me a chance to teach…You may be called on to do CFT in this type of situation.

A seventeen-month-old boy is at The Family Hope Center (FHC) this week from the South. His doctors say that he needs throat surgery. The child cannot open his tight mouth and is on a feeding tube. The only option for the surgeon is to do a tracheotomy for him to breathe and then break his lower jaw to access his throat. Mom, dad, and grandmom are in Philadelphia to see if we can help release some of his tightness with CFT. We cannot “fix” or “heal” him, but we can help him free up as much as possible to heal.

In today’s series of sessions four people were webbing him. It became intense as I even took off my suit jacket. Towards the end of the 45-minute session, he let out what appeared to be a primal scream. Mom rode the bull hard and dad had his head down. It was a very emotional situation to say the least. One of the blessings of working at FHC is it puts in perspective for me that whatever health issues I may be having at the time are inconsequential. I am OK.

In CFT world we would have seen him at birth, but that ship has sailed. Since the jaw and throat areas need to be loosened, in the pre-infant research days before 2007 I would have concentrated the CFT there. But Krissy Myers, Mike Myers, and I discovered that almost all head, jaw, neck conditions start in the pelvic floor from birth trauma. So the key for him would be to work extensively with his pelvis and proceed with therapy up his body. We found in our research that these conditions would not fully release until the pelvic area was happy.

So I am lecturing to everyone now in class and this will be on the final exam….so listen up. Whenever a human being comes to you with an upper body problem, it probably started in the pelvis from birth trauma. That upper body issue may not fully clear until you go back in the space-time continuum to completely free the pelvic craniosacral fascial restriction. Class dismissed………

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