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Change a Life at Birth

I believe that for some children the work directly at birth could have made a world of difference. This story also points out the vulnerabililty of a powerless and voiceless newborn. S(he) is totally dependent on others making wise choices.


A seven-year-old presents with anxiety, attention issues, behavioral issues, incontinence, constipation, right-sided weakness, and right ankle pain.

Clinically she had a zero-second brain cycle and fascial tightness everywhere, especially on the right side of her body.

Since she was stuck in the pelvis, her traumatic birth demonstrated three huge red flags for the application of the Gillespie Approach: ineffective forceps, vacuum-assisted birth, and a “dent” in her right parietal bone from the forceps.

  1. Her six-week journey in the NICU started with seizures on day one that continued until day ten. She then took seizure meds for two years.
  2. She had two brain bleeds.
  3. She was intubated three times and had two bronchoscopies.
  4. She had severe reflux that meds could not touch. I was surprised to hear that surgeons did a fundoplication at four weeks of age. It was my understanding that this surgery was in the “last resort” category. When I checked her clinically, there was tremendous strain in the LES and diaphragmatic area. I am assuming the surgical layer and also the layer of strain that created the problem in the first place were present.

At 74, my wish is that the world soon gets the work at birth concept to prevent more needless suffering.

Neonatologists need to realize the merit of the newborn work. Trained therapists need to provide it directly at birth. Hospital administrators need to understand its health benefits.

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