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Childhood Anger

A preteen, who loves ballet dancing, presented for evaluation. Her mom said she has distinct emotional highs and lows during the day. She grinds her teeth at night, and her right knee is also twisted inward.

She hit her head poolside when she was little. She never slept for a period of six months with infant eczema, strongly indicating birth trauma.

Clinically, she had a zero-second brain cycle and a fascial twist medially rotating her right hip. Severe fascial strain from her neck was pulling into her head. Since she had a deep overbite and narrow palate, I recommended a “brain-friendly” orthodontist after my therapy.

Over the years I have seen countless children who show fits of anger for no apparent reason. I cannot scientifically explain why, but physical pressure on the brain, resulting in a zero-second brain cycle, can create this scenario for some children.

When I additionally see a child grinding his/her teeth, I am thinking of birth trauma with fascial strain directly into the jaws. I have always felt that with the act of grinding, the child was unsuccessfully trying to free up the pressure in his/her head.

I started my therapy at her right hip, where a huge twist was medially rotating her right leg. After about 20 minutes, that fascial strain cleared nicely allowing that leg to reposition normally. Sometimes therapy looks almost magical.

Since that pelvic release did not open her cranial tissues, I knew that her neck strain was overriding any lower pelvic origin for the time being. After I gently worked on her sensitive neck, her brain cycle released to 60 seconds, a nice first visit. On a follow-up phone call her mother reported that she did well after the treatment.

I feel compassion for all suffering children. I experience joy in showing the world what is possible for newborns. I am a romantic, believing in my vision even if it seems unrealistic. I am just waiting for the world to see its promise.

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