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Childhood Concussion

A Mother Recently Emailed Me:

“My ten-year-old son experienced a mild concussion from falling off the top of a slide with an 8-10 foot drop. My daughter and I think he fell on his side and hit his head on the mulched ground.

Directly after the incident, he walked towards me as if he was drunk while holding his head and crying. He felt nauseous and his head hurt.

My husband brought him to the ER where he threw up and was observed for a period of time. They did not do a CAT scan and sent us home with a protocol to follow. They told us to make a follow-up appointment with our pediatrician.

She asked him to perform several tasks where he needed to coordinate both sides of his body. Some were difficult for him, indicating to her that he was still suffering effects from the fall. He has had headaches for the past ten days, but they appear to be subsiding. Can you help him?”

My Reply:

Yes, this is what we do.

This scenario happens every day in America. I would expect this child to present clinically with a zero-second brain cycle, a full-body fascial strain, and a restricted craniosacral fascial system.

I know the fascial web is still holding that trauma in his body. An untreated web may cause problems for his entire life. In therapy I would be listening to his web recreating and unraveling from the accident. My role is to just facilitate the healing.

In the current medical system no one has looked at the function of his craniosacral fascial system. In my world a provider at the hospital would have worked on him directly after the accident. When he went to his pediatrician, a provider would have followed-up his therapy.

Pediatricians need to understand that fascial strain is a big deal in their clinical practices. They need to step outside their technology, drug, and surgery box and open to the structural healing of infants and children. They need to realize that happy babies and children are the rule, not the exception.

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