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Severe Childhood Constipation From Birth Trauma

I am presenting a story involving two worlds of newborn care. The first is today’s world; the second is my world.

A five-year-old boy presents with severe constipation. His mother said that he has been constipated since the second day of his life. He has a bowel movement every 3 to 5 days with suppositories. He also has sleep difficulty, behavioral issues, and tracheomalacia. He has difficulty swallowing food, resulting in picky eating.

Mom was physically attacked and pinned against a wall during the 18th week of pregnancy. Even with professional help, she still has strong emotions around that trauma.

At 32 weeks, the fetus stopped moving for the four weeks before birth, creating a lot of pain for mom. Even though doctors discounted that factor, I believe both events are huge red flags.

He could not nurse and had bottle feeding issues with failure to thrive. He had a G-tube inserted for a week on day five. He had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and anorectal manometry with a balloon.

The medical world has done everything they can. Mom knows in her heart that something happened at birth, but doctors just blow her off.

On my exam, he had a zero-second brain cycle and severe pelvic, abdominal, and throat fascial strain. All of his conditions are in play in the fascial web. If the parents can be patient and allow his body to peel the traumas in his large onion, I am hopeful for a positive outcome.

In my world, minutes after his birth, a provider would have checked him and found severe fascial injuries. He would have had extensive therapy on day one, every few hours as needed, to help release his fresh wounds. I believe he would have left the hospital on day two able to breathe betternurse betterdigest betterpoop better, and nap better.

More importantly, as a pure preventative measure, this nightmare probably would never have transpired. The family would never have known what was in store for them. What a blessing for the planet.

Notes From Mother

Dr. Gillespie, you are a true miracle worker! We are celebrating day 4 of bowel movements without medication or suppositories. I never thought the day would come to see my child finally enjoying eating, requesting food and, most importantly, having bowel movements. We can’t thank you enough!

Childhood constipation birth trauma - mother Facebook post - Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy

I also want to share with you how great my son is doing! He is eating on his own without us begging him to eat or feeding him. He even ate three new foods this week: strawberries, oranges and tacos! He’s actually telling me he’s hungry right now; he’s never said this to us before! He’s also been pooping on his own almost everyday. He pooped 6 days in a row and skipped yesterday. His behavior has been great, too!

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