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Childhood Earache/Constipation/Wetting Issues and Prevention at Birth

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyl.

A young child presented recently with earaches, constipation, and wetting issues. People have seen these childhood conditions as a fact of life since the beginning of time. In thinking differently we saw that the corresponding tissues of the craniosacral fascial system were tight. In CFT we help to loosen these tissues to regain normal physiology and health. The same philosophy applies to other areas of the body. If a child has asthma, tight fascia can be restricting the function of the respiratory system. If the child has strain in her/his cranium, s(he) may suffer from headaches or cognitive issues.

Birth trauma is a major cause of restriction in the newborn craniosacral fascial system. At minutes old, no one will diagnose a condition(s). I know if the tightness continues unabated in life, varied conditions can follow. With the BBS/CFT/IDM at birth a life can take an entirely different direction. Parents would never have known that earaches, constipation, wetting, or other issues would have presented later in life. I believe that identification of restriction of the craniosacral fascial system and correction at birth is a very important global medical advancement.

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