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Childhood Urogenital Issues

A mother presented with her young daughter who had some unusual conditions. She can urinate at any moment while out in public. She also had a yeast infection. The Gillespie Approach may possibly help with these two issues.

On clinical examination the fascia was rock-solid in her lower abdominal and pelvic areas, the location of her urogenital system. Many layers of strain began to release in therapy, indicating the entire area was probably restricted. We will see how she responds over the next few visits.

I want to discuss the meaning of “predisposed.” In 1980 I asked the question, “Why do children with specific fascial restriction in their respiratory systems have asthma?” It turns out that these children were predisposed to asthma from trauma to their respiratory systems. They may have had asthma to varying degrees, and some may even grow out of it. But they were set up from their soft tissue fascial restriction, usually from birth trauma, to have asthma.

I believe that soft tissue birth trauma causing fascial restriction, depending on its location, can predispose children to many specific conditions. For this child that location was her lower abdominal and pelvic areas.

In exploring the science around the possibility that fascial restriction may have predisposed her to her urogenital issues, maybe the blood supply to the area was compromised. Maybe the lymphatic drainage was restricted, or the nervous innervation was affected. Maybe the culprit was something else caused by tight fascia or a combination of these possibilities.

The ideal would be to check and treat every baby at the golden hour, since the soft tissue injury is the freshest at birth.

Birth trauma causing soft tissue strain and subsequent disease is fresh thinking that may question ingrained conventional wisdom, challenge widespread medical assumptions, and confront entrenched vested interests.

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