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“I Cannot Stop Clenching My Teeth at Night.”

A patient relates: “I have constant teeth, jaw, and neck pain from clenching. No matter what I do, nothing helps.”

A middle-aged woman presents with discomfort around her neck, teeth, and mandible. The problem started about 20 years ago and has worsened over time. All of her health professionals in her city have advised her to have jaw surgery.

I said, “Let’s put a hold on that … .”

Her dental history is telling with oral trauma. She had her four wisdom teeth removed. She had her four first premolars extracted as well, an orthodontic head gear placed to retract the jaws, and then conventional braces. I believe this protocol created a tsunami of restriction in the craniosacral fascial system.

I can speak from experience. I had the same orthodontic protocol in the 1950s, which, later in life, was a major factor in my headaches and sinus allergies. I needed a lot of therapy to heal that dental experience.

Orthodontics needs to compliment the function of the body and not force the teeth and jaws into an unnatural position. I believe this is why so many unhappy teeth may revert back to their original malposition after orthodontics.

On evaluation she presented with a zero-second brain cycle and tight head, neck, and pelvic tissues. At each session the fascial web released beautifully. The core issue appeared to be severe strain between her neck and mandible.

I had tapped into an old fetal position that her body was still holding. No matter what she or anyone did in therapy, this strain pattern still ruled the tissues. Once that strain fully releases in future visits, I expect her jaw to relax for the first time in her life. Let’s see if that affects her clenching and pain.

Thank you Gillespie Approach infant therapists for your work. You are the masters of something new and pioneering something greater than yourself. This life-changing work can make you feel like all things are possible.

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