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The Clinical Effects of Twin In-Utero Compression

I did an intensive for Midwest twins last week. I drew from my experience with six sets of twins in the infant research ten years ago. I want to discuss the real-life conditions caused by sustained, prolonged in-utero compression.

Baby boy was stuck in the normal vaginal delivery position the entire pregnancy. He never moved….ouch. Every health practitioner has said he was very tight (I found a zero second brain cycle and a bound-down fascial web), and no one knew what to do to correct the problem.

He had tongue tie surgery along with arching, choking, stiff neck and back, gas, indigestion, colic, reflux, clicking tongue, tongue thrust, and a small oral opening.

His sister was positioned directly on top of him. Even though she moved around in her space a little during the pregnancy, her weight was never off of him (I found a zero brain cycle and tight fascial web). She had tongue and lip tie surgery with low muscle tone, nursing issues, poor head control (wobble), similar GI problems, reflux, weak cry, arching, and left hip dysplasia. All of the above conditions are possibilities for correction in my CFT world.

In the current pediatric model, both are “healthy” babies. In my mind they are surviving, but certainly not thriving. They do not have bacterial/viral infections or genetic syndromes, but they have a compromised quality of life due to structural craniosacral fascial strain. How will this all manifest for the rest of their lives?

I am just trying to tell the hospital world that their tightness should have been identified at birth and cleared on day one in the hospital. They both should have gone home as happy babies. This approach is a life-changer. I hope someone is listening.

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