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Clubfoot at Birth

In June I had the pleasure of being able to attend my first birth where I had permission to do immediate BBS/CFT since taking my course nearly a year before. It was a lovely home birth to a second time mom which took only 5 hours. The baby had one cord wrap but had good color and breathing. The cycle was at a 4 the first time it was taken after birth with no coordination between occipital and sacrum. The initial exam by the midwife showed that the baby’s left foot was misshapen, a club foot. Mom was an experience breast feeder. Over the first few days of the baby’s life he had problems with latch, spitting up and general fussiness. I did 4 CFT sessions over the first two weeks of life. All of the breast feeding and fussiness issues resolved and baby happily continues to breast feed. It was at the second session where the CFT focused on tension in the left foot and leg that went up to the baby’s stomach and throat area. I will never forget feeling the tension melt under my hands and watching the foot move into correct anatomical position! Needless to say the parents have been so very happy and thankful for what CFT was able to do for their son. Because of CFT this child will not need months and months of casting, possible multiple surgeries and lots and lots of pain. Viva CFT right after birth!

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