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Clubfoot Baby Update

Baby H is 56 hours into CFT, and while I don’t have current pictures, I wanted to share her progress.

Based on my observations, I would guess about 80% of these 56 hours have been spent working through structural developmental issues from intrauterine limitations. This mother was diagnosed with oligohydraminos, low amniotic fluid, at 15 weeks, and through a miracle, she carried this baby to 39 weeks gestation.

Over these 56 hours of CFT, we have worked through a severe twist and rotation that distorted her cranium and body all the way to her feet. It is clear, even to the untrained eye, that the environmental pressures and stresses of the womb laid the blueprint for these soft tissue restrictions.

What I wanted to share are the changes that the family has seen so far since implementing intensive CFT. The bilateral clubfoot is slowly correcting. She is able to flex and extend her feet with better flexibility in her ankles and feet.

Finally, this piece of information is the most compelling to me. Baby H has always been a “content” baby. Mom had always commented on how surprised she was that her baby seemed so “content” despite the fact that she was incredibly restricted. She literally never cried. If anything, she would emit a high-pitched tense shriek to communicate.

During CFT treatments, which were incredibly intense, she never cried. We never heard a sound out of her. During her healing process, we observed detox pathways on the shifting areas. There were rashes on her face and cranium as her skull shifted. Still all the while, she seemed unfazed.

This past week Baby H began showing emotion with crying spells and some periods of fussiness. Mom was shocked to hear her cooing and babbling from across the room. She was emotional in describing the first time she heard her baby’s beautiful true voice.

During Baby H’s session this week, I found the twist and rotation to FINALLY be significantly less—AND she cried during her treatment. My hypothesis with mom instinctively feeling the same way is that Baby H was so tight and twisted that she did not have full awareness of her body. She was stuck in the “invisible” straitjacket that we talk about at the Infant seminar. She is now feeling emotional and physical freedom.


I know specific physiological changes are occurring in her central nervous and other body systems, but the emotional piece shook me. What would have happened to this child without this bodywork?

Mike and I feel so grateful to work with families who have such a solid understanding of bodywork. We then can witness the power of CFT to its fullest.

Photo shared with permission.

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