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A Complex Intensive for a Six-Year-Old Girl

When a young child comes to you for a three-day intensive, you never know what will present and what will ultimately be healed.

An exceptionally observant mom listed the following issues: GERD, eczema, tantrums, picky eater, hyperactive, poor sleeper, hard swallowing, double vision, bedwetter, eye contact, constipation, jaw clencher, and bored easily.

After a two-day labor, she was born with a bruise on the side of her head and the cord wrapped twice around her neck. Breastfeeding never happened, and she later had reflux and constipation.

Her brain cycle was zero seconds with severe fascial strain in her trunk and neck. A brain-friendly orthodontist needs to widen her narrow jaws back home.

The goal in therapy is to just listen to the body, let it tell you what it needs to do, and assist in its healing. Her biggest issue was the cord wrap, creating fascial strain in her neck and throat. There were strains throughout her body, but all roads passed through her neck and throat.

As this area released, the brain cycle started to rise. After 5½ hours of therapy, her cycle opened to about 250 seconds (125 seconds in brain expansion and 125 seconds in brain contraction). Her tight throat started to release as well.

When a local patient has one session per week, we see how the body reacts over time. With intensive therapy, the family needs to return home, let the dust settle, and monitor her response.

We originally had scheduled six therapeutic hours, but on the third day, her body would not talk anymore, a common occurrence. The body had to process all of the changes in a short time.

If I had addressed these issues on her first day of life, she would have had a different story. But I do what I can now in the hopes that she can have a better life.

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