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The Concept of Energetics for Gillespie Approach Providers

This essay introduces energetics as our next possible level of patient care. It also explains for lay readers how we can help correct children with seemingly unrelated complex issues. The answer is that we look at science differently through a more recent light.

The current health care system is built around Newtonian mechanics from the 1700s. But Einstein taught us more than one hundred years ago that mass is energy with E=MC². In 1985 Robert Becker M.D. further described our electrified body in The Body Electric. The clinical practice of medicine in America has lagged behind these scientific advancements.

The Chinese culture has known the energetic concept for over five thousand years with their highly detailed acupuncture system. Energy flows through organ meridians, where any blockage can impair function. The therapeutic acupuncture needles unblock restrictions to restore the proper energy flow or “chi.”

We can present a similar philosophy where trauma tightens the fascial web creating a condition(s). Like the acupuncture needles, our therapy can unlock the restriction or energy blockage in the web to restore proper function. The fascial web connects every structural cell in the four dimensions of space and time, while holding all of its physical trauma and emotional trauma back to conception.

I have found clinically over the years that when a specific point of the body is touched, a transference of energy appears to occur. This phenomenon may have roots in the first law of thermodynamics, stating that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. I think of it as connecting an energetic dot in an electrified body. This technique works especially well with mom connecting a dot(s) for her infant during the Gillespie Approach.

When dots are connected in this hypothesis, the fascial web appears to have the best chance to remember, revisit, and clear layers of trauma, resulting in authentic healing. Please recall your experience in the Gillespie Approach foundation seminar when ten hands were holding you. Hopefully, health care providers will begin to think this way for their future patients.

With that background, let me proceed with our clinical story.

A five-year-old girl presents from out-of-state with three main issues: toe walking, stuttering, and jaw clenching at night. In the conventional health care model this child may be evaluated by an orthopedic doctor or PT for the toe walking, a speech therapist for the stuttering, and a dentist for the jaw clenching.

The most knowledgable doctors cannot explain the cause of these problems. I believe that each may be looking at their specialized piece of the fascial web. No one on the planet would ever consider that they were all connected in space as one full-body issue and in time caused by forgotten birth trauma.

During mom’s cesarean section, doctors unexpectedly found a fibroid the size of a twin in her uterus. The fetus was so stuck, even with the inside of the uterus exposed, that vacuum extraction was unsuccessful. Five doctors and nurses pressed on mom to get the baby out. Even with an epidural, she was in so much pain during those forty-five minutes that she could not remember everything that had happened.

As therapists, we are dealing with both fetal sustained soft tissue compression and delivery birth trauma. In the medical birthing world of normal APGAR scores, that history is irrevelant. In our world this newborn would have been red-flagged minutes after birth and received therapy hourly at the hospital. The Gillespie Approach could have been a game changer for her.

Many unheeded signs of trauma presented later with a latching issue, gas, reflux, colic, and constipation. The infant continually cried, had sleep issues, and was always held for calming. In our pediatric view of the world this unhappy baby “grew out of” these conditions and “grew into” her current issues.

Clinically the child had a zero-second brain cycle. As she was lying supine on the table, her feet were naturally in the toe walking position. As expected, the fascia was restricted in her feet and correspondingly very tight in her neck, throat, and jaw areas.

I began classical CFT with extra attention to the feet and throat areas. Some nice releases occurred, but I felt I was not accessing the mother lode of underlying fascial strain. That is where our energetics hypothesis comes into play.

I had the child sit up in the middle of the treatment table with her legs hanging off the edge. I asked mom to pull up a chair facing her and gently hold the soles of each foot in the toe-walking position.

Standing from behind, I gently held the back of the child’s neck with both hands and just listened to the fascial web in space and time. This treatment position gives you excellent access to upper body fascial strain traveling down into the lower body. Listening to the fascia and allowing the body to talk to you is the golden rule of the Gillespie Approach.

Accessing pelvic strain is critical for genuine healing. During our infant research from 2008-12, we found that most upper body baby conditions started from birth trauma to the infant pelvis. Those conditions never completely cleared until the causative pelvic fascial strain was dissipated.

As mom and I connected the dots energetically from her feet to her neck, therapy reached another level when the child gagged and choked in her throat without anyone touching it. We were energetically helping the body remember and revisit her layers of birth trauma. Because of the interconnectedness of the full-body web, her feet, throat, and jaw issues appeared to be all part of that traumatic birth onion.

We have experienced a similar situation many times where holding just the back of the neck with both hands to access fascial strain in therapy can result in a red umbilical cord band lighting up the throat. We also use that principle to help a child with asthma release fascial strain deep in the respiratory system. In facilitating the healing we are depending on the interconnectedness of the fascial web in three-dimensional space to help the patient go back in time to peel that layer of the traumatic onion.

When her web released that layer, we added another energetic dot to the next technique with the child adding a fifth hand and holding her own throat. The resulting gagging and choking were even more pronounced. The child held her jaw for the next technique with a similar outcome. Upon completion, we asked her if any new symptoms presented, which then became an additional dot(s) for her to hold in the next technique.

Mom is noticing improvements after each visit. As we stand now in the sixth hour of CFT, the child’s right foot was straining hard into the right side of her throat. Hopefully, this traumatic birth injury is the root cause of her conditions.

So for the interested bodywork professionals who are chiming in here, the Gillespie Approach strives for authentic healing. It is not your typical cookbook therapeutic modality where one size fits all and you are trying to “fix” or “cure” a patient of any condition.

Since each patient presents with a unique story of trauma, you need to listen to the body and think your way through each session with our basic principles. As the facilitator, you need to let the body direct you in its own healing since it knows best how to heal itself. Please trust that thought implicitly.

My suggestion to current Gillespie Approach providers is to begin to apply these energetic principles in your practice to help take you to the next level of patient care.

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