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Concussion and Structural Immunity

I wanted to share an experience that I had this week. I went to a home of a family that we have seen for a number of years. A mother and four children were in an accident in which their carriage was hit by an automobile, and they were all thrown out.

Luckily, they were right in front of a firehouse and received immediate medical attention. The mother reported that the people at the hospital told her the children and herself had concussions as well as a number of cuts and bruises.

All of the children had been treated by us as babies. Their ages range from 6 months to 6 years. They had just been released by their doctor the morning before I saw them. Their mother told me that when they came home from the hospital, they just started playing like nothing had ever happened.

As I started checking the children, I found that they all had brain cycles between 150 and 160 seconds. I checked them again after CFT to find them all over 210 second brain cycles. They had strain in the areas of their injuries but not much else.

We found this same results in our infant research. The infants that received CFT were very resilient and bounced back very quickly with very little lasting effects.

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