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Concussion Techniques for Gillespie Approach Therapists

When a patient presents with a concussion and a zero-second brain cycle, these are excellent techniques to expedite care. We are applying two major principles of the Gillespie Approach: The fascial web remembers its traumas in space and time, and the body knows best how to heal itself.

When the concussion patient presents for therapy, her/his fascial web is holding that trauma in space (the full body) and time (the moment of trauma). Our goal is to revisit that trauma so that the body can clear and heal itself.

You will need to question the patient on how the trauma occurred and be creative with your therapy table to place them in a position where their body can safely revisit the trauma. If they had fallen backwards or sideways, you need to be prepared ahead of time.

Recently a patient tripped and fell forward landing on her right wrist while hitting her head. My goal was to help take her back to that space and time to heal.

She sat on the treatment table with her legs hanging off the long side. I started with her right hand, wrist and arm, where she landed. These tissues were straining hard into her neck and body.

When I allowed the fascial web go into a full-body strain, she started to flex forward as I supported her on the table. When the fascial web started to release, I brought her back to her original upright position. I repeated this procedure until the web was quiet.

Next while sitting up in the same upright position, I held the back of her neck with both hands while she connected the head trauma area with her hands. I repeated this procedure until the web was quiet. At completion, I rechecked the brain cycle, which was opening nicely.

Always be grounded with our principles: the fascial web remembers its traumas in space and time, and the body knows best how to heal itself. This techniques can help make the correction happen faster.

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