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“Congenital” and “Positional”

Congenital: of or relating to a condition present at birth, whether inherited or caused by the uterine environment.

In CFT we are concerned with “congenital” conditions caused by the uterine environment. CFT may help a Down Syndrome child function better, but cannot correct or cure any child with a genetic condition.

Positional: relating to or determined by position.

Some obvious uterine “positional” conditions are plagiocephaly, torticollis and scoliosis. We believe that infants can contract our more common fussiness conditions like breastfeeding issues, colic and reflux through compressive positioning. We thought before our infant research that the major birth traumas happened at delivery and during labor. But we found that our C-section babies had the same conditions or worse with just in-utero “positional” trauma.

We also are waiting for the basic science research to reveal how long (minutes, hours, days, weeks or months) compressive forces on the fetus can strain the craniosacral fascial system. We believe that lack of fetal movement can contribute to many infant conditions.

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