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Connected Fascial Strains

Monday Mike and I treated a 4 week old baby and wanted to share the importance of connected fascial strains from one point in the body to another. The mother wanted a checkup, since we had treated her other baby and had no specific complaints. Mike and I noticed some strabismus with the eyes. I was working on the eyes and Mike was working on the pelvis and we found mild strain. However, when Mike held her throat while I worked on her eyes, she unwound very dramatically. We found out after 3 times of this particular unwinding that the baby had the cord wrapped around her neck and THEN around her eyes (like a blindfold). The connection from the throat to her eyes was very important. Having 2 or more practitioners together is such a blessing with this work!! Also, as a side note this mother had another child grow up with strabismus and had to take the surgery route for her.

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