Connecting the Dots in Stridor

I am reminded that everything in the body is connected in space and time.

I am currently seeing a baby with stridor. As a practitioner, the natural inclination is to help release all of the birth craniosacral fascial strain just in the throat/neck to correct the condition. But this conventional thinking is not usually the case.

For this baby, strain in her digestive organs (indigestion/gas) and diaphragm (breathing issue) was pulling hard into her throat. This strain had to fully release before her throat/neck fascial strain/stridor could clear.

A further check on strain from her pelvic floor cleared any potential pulling on her diaphragm and then to her throat. If she had leg fascial strain like a turned-in foot or clubfoot, then that strain would have had to clear, too.

Since everything is connected, we do not have specific protocols for each of our infant conditions. We do full body treatment for all infants, no matter what condition(s) may present. Fortunately, the window of opportunity of their small size allows for easier therapeutic maneuverability. Connecting all the dots in space and time is a must for the body to heal the craniosacral fascial system.

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