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Connecting the Dots From Nine Years of Age to Birth

A nine-year-old presented today for evaluation, and mom gave the below list to me. It was very telling and quite graphic for me. Please connect the CFT dots in space and time.

Our primary belief is that you do not have to suffer your whole life because you had a difficult birth. Our goal is for these children to be identified in the first few minutes of life and get CFT asap to mitigate the effects of birth trauma in the first few days of life.

Current Issues at nine:

– still chronic headaches
– obstructive sleep apnea
– 24/7 mouth breathing
collapsed septum causing total blockage in one nasal cavity
Class 2 bite (lower jaw 11mm off) and buccal crossbite
recessive chin
nail biting
forward head posture
ligament laxity
– acid reflux
sugar/carb cravings

Early grade school:

– focus and attention issues (ADHD diagnosis)
– language impairments (based on a private evaluation)
– some sensory processing deficiencies
– chronic headaches


impulse control problems
tongue thrust and speech articulation issues


– regular tantrums
speech delay
– numerous bouts of croup
– “reactive airways” with respiratory infections
congenital nystagmus


– very fussy
– cried when not held
trouble nursing
– lots of spitting up (after bottles)

Birth Trauma:

partial cord prolapse
– head engaged and held back in the pelvis for 20 minutes by midwife while the hospital staff prepped for an emergency C-section

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