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Connecting the Dots

Met a man that remembered me mentioning CFT work and wanted to ask me if CFT would help his 33 year old son. The father starts in with a desperate look on his face as he tells me his son is a hand surgeon specialist. He’s married with kids and has been living with this inability to sleep for years. He has been on numerous meds including antidepressants. He has been to the best of the best including the top sleep docs at Jefferson University Hospital. They have done sleep test after sleep test and just can figure out why he cant sleep. The top doc at Jeff even told this man that they would try a drug that makes people fall asleep just before surgery. AND…it didn’t work. The docs have no idea why. So, the father tells me his son was also diagnosed with ADHD at 18 years of life. Tells me that he basically had been healthy prior to mid teen years. SO…I ask the big question…did it all start after braces??? The father looks at me extremely puzzled and says YES! And, the father had not told me that his son had braces. So, I spent the next 10 minutes attempting to explain how the dots are all connected. Lesson to be learned here folks is that braces can cause numerous fascia strain problems. Preventative at birth is KEY! If we can get these babies at birth and widen the palate and remove TMJ strain, just imagine a life without stories like this one!

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