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The Cost of Therapy

I do not generally discuss finances, but since it is a factor in the real world, I felt an essay was appropriate.

When a new patient calls or emails, I always tell them the cost of the first visit. The office “money surprise” is avoided, and they have an easy option to decline therapy.

Rejection bothered me initially, but I am fine with it now. I do not tell people what to do. 

If they ask about further visits, I explain that fee too. 

I rarely see a child with asthma or chronic earaches. Most insurance plans cover the asthma meds, office visits, and hospital stays. The eartube surgery and office visits are usually covered also.

I see more children with headaches, ADHD, and complex issues. Some parents do not want their children on medications long-term.

A few people inquire about insurance. Since I created this work and have developed it since the 1970s, the insurance industry has no idea that this approach exists. A few years ago, I presented my work to the brass of a major insurer—they were not interested.

I feel that the infant work is very valuable since you can prevent so much suffering and expense later in life. Compared to the average cost of birth in America of $18,000 and $4,500 deductible, the infant work is very reasonable. If you think it is still high, wait until you visit the orthodontist ($5,000 to $10,000-plus).The ultimate goal is for the work to be done on day one as part of the insurance-covered “birth package.” This is by far the best health solution for the child, saves money and anxiety for the parents, and gives the provider(s) a glow—a win-win for everyone.

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