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The Cranial Remolding Helmet and the Brain Cycle

Many parents choose to use a cranial remolding helmet to help correct their baby’s plagiocephaly or flat spot. The helmet applies sustained pressure to the cranial structures over time to help normalize the shape of the head.

We do not approve of this approach because experience has shown us that the helmet’s sustained pressure to the cranium can take the brain cycle to zero seconds. Your baby may have a better-shaped head upon completion, but an insidious can of worms can be opened for future health problems.

The helmet may seem to be a reasonable option for parents, but no one is asking why the head is distorted to begin with and what the best way is to naturally correct the problem. We believe from our infant research that sustained compressive fetal trauma can create a twisted body and distorted head. We feel the best way to correct the head shape is to revisit that full-body trauma over a series of therapy visits. Most babies will experience significant correction.

I am not concerned if the shape is not perfectly symmetrical upon completion. I discovered over the decades that it was far better to have a toddler with a slightly unnoticeable distorted skull and a brain cycle over 200 seconds than a toddler with a perfectly shaped head and a zero-second brain cycle.

The parents may say the head was normally shaped at birth, but the flat spot started when the baby was lying in the same position for months. My contention is that the baby was probably predisposed to an unseen fully-body fascial twist. The infant was unable to have free range of neck and body movement, thus favoring that specific position.

We rarely saw a lopsided head in a healthy and happy infant. Usually the twisted full-body fascial web also caused torticollis, reflux, gas, indigestion, constipation, colic, and other neglected issues. With their focus just on the cranium, medical practitioners rarely connect all of these dots. That needs to change.

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