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Delaware Newborn Program

Kristina sent me this great email to further confirm the positive aspects of early BBS/CFT/IDM:…….I just put together a package to encourage moms to call PRIOR to having the baby. If I can come out to treat the new baby within 48 hours, I will treat the baby until it is strain free and give the mom one treatment, all for one fixed price. Pregnant moms now are all over it! I go to the home 2-4 times after the birth and they come to me every week after until the baby is strain free. It is absolutely amazing just how perfectly the babies unwind! No crying! Sleeping, nursing and growing beautifully just like God intended! And to top it off, Mom can sleep, heal, and most importantly, bond with her new baby in a stress-free environment! This is so important as well as cutting down on postpartum depression!………Wow, the future is now. I am so happy that it is happening, changing the world, one baby at a time. Thank you everyone for all of your support in my “retirement”.

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