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Delayed Toddler Tongue-Tie

I saw a 14-month-old for a check-up visit because his mom noticed that he was having tongue issues. Before she allowed the dentist do a laser tongue-tie revision, she brought him to me for re-evaluation.

I had seen him since he was a few days old over a series of visits to clear him of craniosacral fascial strain. After I treated her first two older children, she was determined for me to see her third as close to birth as possible. So when I now found some new tongue strain, my first thought was that I originally missed it.

But mom said he has fallen back and hit his head a number of times. His brain cycle was fine, but he presented with new neck fascial strain. That pattern just happened to strain into his tongue creating his new tongue issues.

One might ask, how does the tongue get fascial strain since it is protected by the cranium/oral cavity? I believe one answer is that 360 degree whiplash neck trauma can strain the tongue, definitely during the fetal 40 weeks and apparently during toddlerhood. The fascial web connects everything in space and time.

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