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Difficulty in Conceiving

The Myers’ post about CFT and conception reminded me of a female patient in 1980 at my Hyannis, Massachusetts practice. She had terrible headaches and could not conceive. Now, this was back in the day before medical conception became a big business. I did CFT and her headaches went away. Sometime later I saw her in the local supermarket with her new bundle of joy. She was very happy and grateful for CFT.

I consulted with my cranial osteopathic mentors who had long been there/done that. They attribute conception to not only the pelvic work but also the cranial work, which allows the pituitary gland freedom of motion to function well. They felt that tight dura surrounding the infundibulum (the stalk between the brain and the pituitary gland) choked it off. Thus, the hormones from the hypothalamus could not reach the pituitary gland. CFT can release this strain and allow the pituitary gland to do its many necessary birth functions. The pituitary gland also tells other glands like the thyroid what to do. I have always wondered how many people are on thyroid medication because of cranial restriction.

This conception story has repeated many times in my career. But at the time in 1980 I thought it was pretty cool that as a periodontist, I was in the baby making business. Today couples can spend very serious money trying to become pregnant. In my world, give CFT a try first. At the worst you will be looser to probably have a better pregnancy and birth.

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