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“Don’t worry, your baby will grow out of it.”

Recently I evaluated a child who had sensory/social issues and headaches every day. The infant history revealed immediate feeding issues with subsequent colic, reflux, and projectile vomiting. A health care professional told the parents that the baby would “grow out of” these conditions.

From my clinical CFT infant experience of 36 years and our CFT research project of 332 infants, I strongly challenge that “growing out of” concept. An infant may or may not “grow out of” conditions A, B, and C, but because of an underlying unresolved restricted craniosacral fascial system as the root cause of the issues, s(he) can “grow into” conditions X, Y, and Z later in life. A slightly revised post of May 2014 is worth revisiting:

Many health care professionals approach common infant conditions like colic, reflux, nursing issues, indigestion, and constipation as a normal part of life. After all, it has always been this way since the beginning of time. People may have told you that you have a “healthy” baby with any of these combinations of conditions, and really, not to worry, your infant will “grow out of” it. My question: if all babies “grow out of” it, why do 20-30% of all adults in America still have acid reflux symptoms (GERD) at least once a week?

I believe that “growing out of” mindset needs a complete overhaul. In reality these babies have undiagnosed strain in their craniosacral fascial systems causing these conditions. If left untreated, I believe that this strain can continue to cause suffering throughout life, often in many other forms such as asthma, earaches, and cognitive issues.

Even more importantly, I believe that these babies should never have these issues with the Baby Brain Score at birth to identify a potential problem and craniosacral fascial therapy to help correct/prevent it. Birth trauma needs to be mitigated in that first golden hour of life. I do not believe that people need to suffer their entire lives because they had a difficult birth. I believe that a new global standard of preventative care will be coming in this century that redefines a “healthy” baby.

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