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“The Endless Web” Review

The first 26 pages of this book focus on basic embryology with a refreshing connective tissue slant. Drs. Louis Schultz and Rosemary Feitis have expanded Dr Ida Rolf’s brilliant concepts about the fascial web of the craniosacral fascial system.

The text confirms the importance of our birth work with sentences like these: “The basis for all body form is embryology…..In understanding embryology, we understand how the adult structure came to be……The way the baby lays in the uterus determines the body pattern…. Birth trauma becomes one’s physical makeup…. At six months the fetus is really being pressed by the limitations of space…. At birth the fetus is a network of soft tissue pulls reflecting the interaction between its genetic blueprint and intrauterine stresses.”

Drs Schultz and Feitis also raised the possibility of childhood scoliosis as a result of in utero trauma. We asked that same question in our 800 baby research project. We noticed that a small percentage had an abnormal amount of dramatic twisting and releasing in the spine with CFT/IDM. Were these the children, appearing normal at birth, who would later contract scoliosis (lordosis and kyphosis) during growth in the gravitational field?

For those CFT practitioners who want a deeper understanding of the work, this book is definitely worth a look.

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