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External Cephalic Version (ECV)

If the fetus is breech impeding birth, external cephalic version (ECV) or version is becoming a popular procedure. Applying manual pressure to the abdominal/pelvic areas, the birth provider tries to turn the fetus into the normal head down position to enable vaginal delivery.

Since the provider is trying to “manipulate” the fetus to “fix” the problem, this procedure may be medically helpful but is not part of the Gillespie Approach philosophy. We always listen to and follow the body in its attempt to heal/correct itself.

I would suggest trying CFT first. The fetus may be stuck because of craniosacral fascial strain in the pelvic/abdominal cavity. Once released, the fetus may now move into its normal delivery position.

The therapist would hold/listen to the legs/lower trunk and mom would place her hands over the fetus to connect more dots. Later in the session, mom would hold other dots to assist the therapist. It is important to be totally involved in the process but not attached to the outcome. If unsuccessful, I would then suggest trying ECV, if indicated.

Read more in a Philadelphia Inquirer story.

Watch a Facebook video of a doctor conducting an ECV.

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