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Extreme Oral Sensitivities

I am working with a 26-month-old child who is “not eating.” He has extreme oral sensitivities. He did not latch well at birth and had a TT revision. He is remarkably clear of major craniosacral fascial strain below his neck but has fierce strain running from the back of his neck into all areas of his mouth. Consequently, he is very tight orally. This strain pattern is ping-ponging between his neck and mouth. His parents have difficulty even trying to brush his teeth.

Mom helped me in CFT at the second visit today…..a rough intra-oral session as she “rode the bull” very hard. She and I will continue this approach at future visits, and I expect a good result as his tissues release. In this work it is one thing to say that the mouth is tight but another thing to discover where the tightness is coming from to help correct the problem……that is the cool aspect of CFT.

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