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Eye Correction and the Gillespie Approach

For many patients, vision problems can start with birth trauma to the fascial web. As part of a strain pattern, one or both eyes can be adversely affected. This is a new way to think about the root cause of eye conditions.

Doctors are generally looking for pathology in the eye. But since every eye cell is part of the fascial web, a strain pattern in the body can readily cause a vision problem, especially when the medical model has no definite answer.

A fifty-year-old woman presents with eye issues. She has worn glasses since she was ten for nearsightedness. She now has strong progressive lenses and monovision. She has a fear of going blind.

She has the typical history of trauma: at ten months rolled off the bathroom counter, at two fell into the cellar door, as a teen orthodontics with a headgear, and in adulthood two whiplash auto accidents. On examination, she had a zero-second brain cycle and a dramatic fascial neck twist. Each eye tapped into its own distinct fascial strain pattern.

On the first therapy session, fascial strains were running from her feet into her eyes. That type of full-body pattern strongly suggests sustained compressive fetal trauma as the root cause.

The second visit presented with whiplash and arching from her lower back into her head. Maybe she was revisiting her car accident injuries. My identification of the trauma is not important since I just listen to the body as it heals itself in the space-time continuum.

On the third visit, her legs and pelvis were quiet, but her trunk was severely twisting clockwise for one eye and counterclockwise for the other eye. This indicates her eyes were not happy together. At the end of the visit, her brain cycle was an amazing 180 seconds.

I am hoping that this approach will keep her vision from worsening and possibly see some positive changes. For patients who may be interested in finding the cause of their eye issue, the Gillespie Approach may be a possible avenue of therapy.

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