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The Fascia Is Overlooked

I saw something new this morning at the office.

A six-month-old baby had cerebrospinal fluid build-up resulting in an enlarged occipital area of her head. The neurosurgeon said a blockage from an arachnoid cyst was probably the cause. He wanted further testing before doing surgery.

Her history may point to a different cause. At birth her umbilical cord was wrapped 4x around her neck, and she could not breathe for at least two minutes.

I always try to find the root cause for patients—is that tight neck fascia causing a fluid back-up in the posterior skull? We have to do therapy to find out.

Today her zero-second brain cycle opened to 60 seconds. When her neck fascia started to release, mom noticed that her breathing and swallowing changed immediately. We will see in the next few visits if it affects the water on her brain.

Pediatricians need to understand that fascia is a big deal in their world. They need to step outside their technology, drug, and surgery box. They need to look at healing the structural aspect of infants and children. They need to accept that happy babies and children are the rule.

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