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The Fascial Web, Brain Cycle, and Cerebrospinal Fluid

Since I founded this work in the 1970s, there was one critical “aha moment” when everything came together.

For years, I had been doing the craniosacral and fascial techniques taught in my trainings. I seemed to be getting better results than anyone who was just doing each modality separately.

Clinically, these modalities looked like they were somehow coupled, because, when the fascia released, the brain cycle opened up. If so, how were they connected?

The answer came when I was reading “Job’s Body,” a popular book for bodyworkers (Juhan, D. Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork. Barrytown, New York 12507: Station Hill Press, 2003, page 73).

The author was describing the content of the collagen tubules comprising the fascial web. The researchers were not expecting cerebrospinal fluid but just reported their true findings without fanfare (Kessel, R., Kardon, R. Tissues and Organs: A Text-Atlas of Scanning Electron Microscopy. San Francisco: W. H. Freeman and Company, 1979, page 15).

My lightbulb went on immediately. The cerebrospinal fluid must connect the craniosacral and the fascial aspects into one system. It must follow that, just as blood gives life to the cardiovascular system, cerebrospinal fluid gives life to the craniosacral fascial system.

It made so much sense. The fluid had to leave the cranial-dural tube-sacral system through the cranial and spinal dural nerve sheaths out into the fascial web. That is why it was so important for the cranial and spinal nerves to be free to allow the cerebrospinal fluid to get to the fascia of that body segment.

That explained why chiropractors and osteopaths were effective in helping the body not only alleviate the vertebral nerve pressure but also relieve the impingements of the fluid flow.

By clearing restrictions, the therapeutic benefits for newborns and infants allow optimal cerebrospinal fluid flow. Let’s make that happen for all of the global neonates.

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