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Fascial Web Characteristics

Since discovering the craniosacral fascial system, I have found some general characteristics about its fascial web or extracellular matrix.

Fascial Web: Anatomical Side

1. It totally encompasses, structurally controls and is an integral part of the craniosacral system via the cerebrospinal fluid.

2. It is a three-dimensional structure from head to toe, finger to finger.

3. It connects every structural cell for full-body communication.

4. It connects every organ cell for optimal organ function.

5. It tightens from physical traumas and emotional traumas.

6. It can hold in the space-time continuum every physical and emotional trauma back to conception.

7. It can strain any body system with tremendous pressure.

7. It can apply pressure to sensory nerves, causing pain.

8. It can be the root cause of a condition by straining to a distant site.

Fascial Web: Healing Side

1. It is hard-wired to heal.

2. It releases its traumatic layers randomly in space and time, not sequentially back to conception.

3. It can present an old layer of strain at any time.

4. It does not revisit an old strain pattern once fully released.

5. It tells the Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy provider what layer of strain needs to be addressed at that moment.

6. It can access deep tissue strains like eye muscle fascia (strabismus), pyloric fascia (pyloric stenosis), and air sac fascia (pediatric asthma).

7. Correction can take place at any age.

8. Between delivery, labor and fetal traumas, compressive twisting in-utero strain patterns are generally the most problematic.

9. It is most easily corrected at minutes of age when the birth trauma is freshest.

10. Later correction is more difficult due to body compensation, adaptation and acclimation as the body strives for homeostasis.

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