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The Fascial Web Remembers

The fascial web remembers.

A forty-year-old woman presented with the typical issues of head pain, neck pain and back pain, teeth clenching in addition to having her right arm continuously fall asleep. Her issues were clearing in the first five visits, but the arm problem persisted.

When I listened to her arm last week, the fascia wanted to go into a straight position. It felt like someone was pulling hard on it. I was wondering if someone had yanked her arm during her delivery.

On her last visit, her arm wanted to cross over her chest and hold that position. It took a few moments for that strain to release.

When I see that situation, I believe we are in a fetal position with sustained compression of the arm. Yes, that happened long ago and agreed, no one thinks that matters now, but I believe that is why her arm has felt funny her entire life.

For the new people reading this work, I am suggesting that structural health problems that you have had all of your life may be rooted in your fetal birth trauma. There is no one on the planet other than my students who will tell you that, but I have seen it over and over with patients. All of the trauma you have had since conception counts in life. It is all cumulative.

If you are a provider and your patient moves into an unusual position, you may be back in the space and time continuum of the craniosacral fascial system in a fetal strain pattern. Some day, people will start to get this concept.

When enough people see it, everyone will realize that our work needs to be done at birth to mitigate the trauma as soon as possible. That will be a blessed day.

Pediatricians need to understand that fascial strain is a big deal in their clinical practices. From children with asthma, earaches, and headaches to infants with colic, reflux, and breastfeeding issues, doctors need to step outside their technological, drug, and surgery box.

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