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Fast Birth and Cord Wrapped

Today Mike and I saw 10 babies in our practice, which was reminiscent of our Baby Days with Barry Gillespie. We had 2 families who needed their babies seen ASAP. The first baby was 3 weeks old and was not breast-feeding easily. She also cried constantly and needed to be held upright in order to sleep. The mother shared with me that this little girl is her tenth child, and she had never had any similar problems with her first nine children. After reviewing her intake, I noted this infant was born very fast…..before the midwife arrived.

When I held this baby to begin treatment, I found her to be incredibly tight everywhere…..head to toe. Mom and I worked together to free up the tightness from this fast birth, and she was able to feel firsthand her baby soften and relax for the first time. It was also awesome in that she connected the fast birth to this child’s discomfort.

The 2nd baby was 2 weeks old and born via c-section. An ultrasound at 37 weeks showed the cord around this baby’s neck. At the time of delivery, the cord tightened causing infant distress and the emergency c-section. During the evaluation, this infant scored a 1 in her initial BBS today.

As I held her body, feeling for strain, I didn’t feel anything that was telling me it needed attention until I held her throat. Her body twisted, turned, arched and released. I reevaluated her BBS after her throat released. Her brain cycle and sacral cycles opened to over 100 seconds, just from releasing the strain in her throat. It is pretty amazing that the cord being wrapped around the neck compromised her entire craniosacral fascial system.

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