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My Favorite Brain Cycle Demonstration Toy

Note: I have no financial connection with the Hoberman or any other toy company.

I can talk forever about brain motion, but parents really need to see the visual. This mini sphere toy demonstrates the concept of brain motion beautifully by expanding and contracting with ease.

When I hold the toy fully compressed, I tell the parent that this represents a zero-second brain cycle. This is your child now. After today’s first visit, the pressure will start to release from his head and the brain will start to expand and contract.

I will open and close the toy a little, explaining that it may expand for 20 seconds and contract for 20 seconds, indicating a 40-second brain cycle. On the next visit the fascial web may free up some more where the toy and brain cycle may reach 35 seconds in expansion and 35 seconds in contraction, indicating a 70-second brain cycle.

The goal in therapy over a series of visits is to possibly reach a 200-or-greater-second brain cycle where I show them the full expansion and contraction of the toy. OK, this is not rocket science, but parents get it.

Some parents focus too much on the critical importance of the number of seconds. A 200-second brain cycle does not guarantee entrance to the Ivy League. But I believe it helps the brain function optimally where your child can be the best s(he) can be.

Also, just because you reach 200 seconds does not mean you have completed therapy. There may still be fascial strain in the body. When another layer of strain releases, the brain cycle may go even higher.

My child patients refer to it as the “brain ball.” This visual can help you in your practice.

Our infant research from 2006–12 revealed many of nature’s subtle secrets. I now experience joy in sharing what is possible for newborns. Practicality is not my strong point; I am a romantic, believing in my vision even if it seems unrealistic. I am just waiting for the world to see its promise.

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