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Feeding Tube

Mike and I have seen several cases of children and babies needing a feeding tube. All of the cases we have worked on using CFT were 100% successful in avoiding that procedure. However, the case that came to us about 6 weeks ago touched us intensely and we wanted to share the story. A 10 month old Amish baby came in seriously bad health. He is a Down Syndrome child and has the health problems that come with that genetic disorder. The reason he cam to us is that he was unable to gain weight and vomited up his food daily. He is the age of our own daughter but was not even half her size and very frail. He had severe nasal congestion….worse than I had ever seen.

The local doctor had seen him and social services became involved because the parents were not compliant with taking the child in for the feeding tube, as was recommended by the doctor. She asked if we could help. I told her we would do our best and urged her to bring him in to see us as many times as she could during the time frame they were giving her before he would be removed by social services. We had seen him 4 times the first 2 times he arched severely with no changes in between his visits. The 3rd time the arch was gone and his palate needed work…it was very narrow and tight. His mother was becoming desperate since the doctor was insisting the baby be hospitalized at this point for testing. She cried that she didn’t want her baby to be an experiment. We made another appointment not knowing if we would see him again…knowing he would probably be admitted to the hospital.

The day of the appointment, they were there. She was full of smiles…he had gained 5 ounces that week and the vomiting stopped. His congestion was significantly improved. the doctor was happy with his progress and didn’t need to be followed up with for 4 weeks. The mother was incredibly thankful …to the point of tears. We don’t see that kind of emotion in the Amish community. So this baby was another case to us where the arching had to be fully released before the oral structure could be addressed….and then a full healing happened for this child. Beautiful.

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