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Female Pelvic Conditions

I want to discuss menstrual pain, uterine fibroids, prolapsed uterus, and urinary incontinence. My central question is why do only some women contract these problems and not everyone? You can make the case for genetic predisposition, but that theory is the medical catch-all for no scientific reason of the root cause.

I believe a strong component of these issues can be craniosacral fascial strain in the space-time continuum. The craniosacral fascial system can hold its emotional and physical trauma(s) for a lifetime tracing back to conception.

If the pelvic/abdominal strain is not cleared at birth and childhood trauma(s) add layers to the onion, a young girl may be set up for the following condition(s):

Restricted fascia in the tissues supporting her female reproduction organs or the organs themselves may cause menstrual pain. Since we treat infants with abdominal/peritoneal (colic) and intestinal/mesenteric (constipation) strain, the menstrual pain theory can logically follow. An unrealized benefit of the Gillespie Approach may be that potentially harmful female strain(s) are cleared at birth preventing reproductive issues later in life.

Uterine fibroids may possibly be a fascial response to trauma. A developing fetus may also have difficulty expanding against a tight uterus, possibly enduring a lifetime of suffering from the damaging effects of lengthy compressive fascial strain.

Restricted/weakened peritoneal fascia may cause a prolapsed uterus. Ovarian cysts, fallopian tubal pathology, and other reproductive issues may also have a fascial component.

Urinary incontinence may occur from a traumatic vaginal birth causing bladder/urethral strain—one more reason why a new mother needs to be checked with the Gillespie Approach directly at birth.

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