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Fetal Free Swim

During our infant research, we often wondered the length of time the fetus had to be in an abnormal compressive position to create a distorted head/torticollis. I am now working on a twin with these conditions who was stuck for at least ten weeks. Mom said that he was low in position before being delivered vaginally at 39 weeks. We originally thought in our research that the time period was probably in hours or days, which may be so for many babies. Honestly, ten weeks was not on our radar screen. I cannot imagine being stuck in an uncomfortable position for ten weeks….ouch. We like the concept of “free swim“, if possible, for the fetus. He has responded well with two CFT/IDM visits, but I do not know how many more visits will be needed. An added factor: Because the fascia grew in a distorted environment as opposed to being fully developed and then traumatized, it may take more time to work out the strain. There are always a lot of questions working on the cutting edge.

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