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Fetal Trauma Remembered

A woman in her 60s had an interesting visit recently. She spent the entire therapy hour revisiting her fetal birth traumas.

First, her legs twisted like a pretzel. Then she went into arching, followed by torso twisting. Finally, she went into a frank breech position where her flexed hips positioned her legs going over her head.

She saw herself as a baby and fully expressed her emotions during the session. She had the strong feeling that she “wanted to get out of her mother.” I find it fascinating how we can hold this vibration inside of us for a lifetime.

The fetus, as a part of mother, holds all of her emotions. Based on our Lancaster infant research, we believe that the babies became truly happy after releasing not only their physical traumas, but also these emotions.

In the office I love when infants release their emotions. They sure let everyone know how they feel. Even though I may explain the benefits to the parents, moms can be uneasy, especially when their mommy hormones kick in. I always focus on the big picture, the infant living a life free of this trauma—truly authentic healing.

Dr. Author Janov discussed the emotional concept in his infant work. He described the newborn “primal scream,” which we sometimes hear from babies. If this trauma is left untreated, it may be possible for this emotional pattern to be passed down from generation to generation through the maternal line, consistent with the philosophy of epigenetics.

I will be interested to hear her feedback at the next office visit. How did she feel after letting go of this early trauma? How has it affected her life? The work at birth can express many layers of healing.

My wish is that all newborns receive this work at birth to clean the blackboard of birth trauma as soon as possible.

“Disease begins in the fascia.”
—Dr. Andrew Still, the Father of Osteopathy
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