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First Post from Dover, DE

Baby Day in Dover Post: Bertha and I saw a 3 month old baby today. Mother of the baby said she thought he was a little tight, has a little gas and some reflux. During the first treatment, he presented with severe strain in pelvis and shoulders. He began screaming the very second we began CFT when I brought his legs up. During his second round of treatment, we notice significant strain pulling into his belly button area. The mother then told us that he has always had a hard stomach and she was unsure of why. I asked her about the umbilical cord at the time of birth; she disclosed that the cord was so short that they had to cut it right away. There was no wrapping of the cord. During the third round he was really having quite the unwinding and pulling into the throat and mouth. We were just so amazed at this process as we guided his body right through the strain. Both TMJ areas were extremely tight; mom then disclosed he has a difficult time nursing, and prefers a bottle. We went for a fourth round with this baby and finished off back at the belly button area again. This baby has significant strain and we are so glad they have began CFT. We will keep you posted on his progress. In addition, we saw three other babies return today and we are so happy and amazed with there progress. One of the babies has Downs Syndrome. We found significant strain in her eyes. Prior to treatment today, her eyes twitch constantly and the mother was asking what can be done about it. We found her eye strain to lead right down into her jaw and then into the shoulders. She unwound beautifully during this. Baby Day in Dover, DE has started off beautifully!

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