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First Visit “Miracle” Results That Did Not Last

I recently treated an RSV toddler, who continued to have wheezing, coughing, and rattling long after the infection cleared. Breathing treatments did not help. I found that his diaphragm was extremely tight. For eight days after his first CFT visit, his symptoms were gone and then suddenly came back.

We found this to be true over and over in our infant research. The infant would be “cured” for a few days from their fussiness issues and then be back in the soup. We hypothesize that there are deeper fascial layers at play. We found that we could not get out all of the craniosacral fascial strain in one visit. The body only allowed so much at one time and had to process. When it all peeled out over time, then we could expect a lasting result.

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Dr. Barry Gillespie

Dr. Barry Gillespie founded Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, which provides patients with a freely moving brain, spinal cord and fascial web, all critical to optimal health. Dr. Barry Gillespie also created the Baby Brain Score and discovered effective therapeutic techniques for newborns and infants. Read more about Dr. Barry Gillespie.

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