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The Flaws of the Gillespie Approach

Rarely does a founder of a modality openly discuss its major flaws. I believe in transparency and hopefully some ideas will come forth from this essay to move the work forward.

We are totally dependent on listening to the body’s fascial strains and allowing it to correct itself. But authentic healing can have its downside.

Our biggest problem can be when a sustained fetal compressive strain pattern will not clear even after years of therapy. I am not sure why this happens and how the body can safely get to the other side.

Another problem is that we are dependent on the body to decide what strain patterns are to be revisited in the session. If a patient presents with a specific condition, that causative stain pattern(s) may be buried under 37 other strains. The patient can easily get discouraged after many visits and discontinue therapy.

A third issue is knowing the number of visits that will be needed. I have no idea how many layers of traumas are in anyone’s body. For infants, I tell the parents that most babies fall in the five- to eight-visit range. Children can run longer, and, for adults, any number is possible.

Plus, how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? Some patients stop when they start to feel better. Other patients want to go all the way to become strain free.

The fourth issue is that we have no basic research to back up our work. There are no double blind, randomized, and controlled gold standard studies to scientifically validate our work. All of my discoveries have been based on clinical observations with what worked and was consistently repeatable in larger numbers of patients.

The fifth “flaw” is that our philosophy is so different from mainstream medical care. We are trying to find the root cause of the problem and help the body heal itself. The allopathic medical model purely Band-Aids symptoms with drugs, surgery, and technology. We have an incompatable correction vs. management dilemma.

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