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Forceps During C-Section

A mom described to me today the birth of her child. During the c-section, the doctor had to remove the fetus with forceps because his head was stuck under her ribcage. This further confirms our theory about possible trauma in utero and why we saw distorted heads and twisted bodies with the c-section babies in our research project. I wrote this explanation to the medical community in our research article that we are now submitting for publication. Note the beginning of the second sentence. “The idea of soft tissue strain causing disease is fresh thinking that may question conventional wisdom, challenge widespread assumptions, and confront entrenched vested interests. Craniosacral fascial strain can result from prolonged pressure in an uncomfortable fetal position, a tight uterus compressing the growing fetus, multiple births in a confined space, a wrapped umbilical cord, a long and difficult labor, and/or the use of forceps or vacuum suction. If the BBS is compromised, craniosacral fascial therapy/infant driven movement (CFT/IDM) treatments can help to release the strain to normalize the function of the craniosacral fascial system.” I am having great fun in retirement…

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