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Getting to the Other Side

Medical discovery is my life’s passion. The craniosacral fascial system has unlocked the secrets of childhood asthma, earache, headache, infant colic, reflux, breastfeeding, and many more issues. I live for exploring the outer boundaries of this work because birth trauma may still cause more seemingly unrelated conditions.

The craniosacral fascial system holds all of the emotional/physical traumas back to conception. I believe that the in utero time is especially critical since the fetus holds all of the mother’s emotions in addition to positional compressive physical/emotional strains.

I believe that crying during therapy can possibly allow the infant to release physical/emotional strain from birth trauma resulting in a happier baby. When the mothers return with their next newborn, they marvel at the health and intelligence of their formerly treated child. For Gillespie Approach therapists, parents need to trust the process to let their infants do what they have to do to get to the other side.

Yesterday I received two emails. The first was from a Gillespie Approach practitioner in The Republic of South Africa. She wanted to know if therapy could possibly help a nine-year-old boy with chiari malformation. He is scheduled to have occipital craniotomy soon to decompress and open the area. For the record, I have had mixed results with these children over my career.

My questions are: Did birth trauma sow the emotional and physical seeds of this issue and if so, could therapy have mitigated the current effects at birth?

The second email involved a woman who is deep in her Gillespie Approach CFT onion. She is reliving her in utero neck arching with the compression causing her a great deal of pain. She has had anxiety and obsessive compulsive feelings since her youth. After her last visit, she literally has felt overwhelmed. The following night she had her first panic attack and calmed herself with breathing and mindfulness exercises.

Many patients would probably say that I caused this problem. But she had the awareness to realize that I was just listening and allowing her body to do whatever it has to do to heal. What will her life be like when she gets to the other side?

My question is: Did birth trauma sow the emotional and physical seeds for the anxiety, OCD, and eventual panic attack?

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